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Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually falling into place

So where last week and this week I expected a bit struggle with myself en my schedule, It is not that bad!

Obviously I love spending time with my daughter, hate it at the same moment because I always have this 'I need to be more productive' sound through my head..

But.. Eventhough all the busy-ness, I got a bunch of ceramics done! ánd on top of that :

I just had my first sale to a complete stranger this weekend! and you know what, the next day also a second!!

That was just after I calculated how much money I put in my company the last two months, and that I felt soon my friends and family will not buy anymore because they'll be saturated in terms of ceramics. I felt horrible, I felt as failure, I spent 8 times more money than I earned.. I felt I was throwing away our family money to nothing, and than these two lovely customers decided to send me a message to order!

That means the world, really, and to see the money appear on your bank account with your heart pounding in your chest cause you're never sure if it is actually going to happen.. It is amazing. It feels like business started now. And at the same time I'm scared for the feeling that this is a one time thing and that I would be naive.

I'm not naive. I know I have build something wonderful in only two months (!) And I'm sure this will be the beginning if I just keep doing the work and the marketing.

Trust yourself, trust in what you do, sometimes the reward is just around the corner!

Let's cheer to starting businesses! Well no alcohol here, so I'll cheer with a nice cup of coffee hooray!


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