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So basically I just started reviving my company, so much for reviving, cause it only excisted until now, because of the pandemic, the last two months gave me the huge opportunity to focus on what is important for me, and what I actually studied for. Design.

It was amazing, I learned a lot, I made an Insta, Facebook, Website, Pinterest page, Etsy Shop, Blog & Vlog and what not. Achievement is high!

Now because the pandemic is starting to let go of all of it's rules it means we still have a child at home cause daycare didn't started yet, But we do need to make money asap. So we're opening my husbands store again (which is not bad cause it means I can munch wonderful fresh waffles again, and boy, I do need that, hormones? hmmmmm maybe.. )

But it also means that my time for my business is taken down drastically.. Cause basically what we did with the two of us, cleaning the home, doing groceries (pandemic time only take 3 times longer) doing laundry, ánd entertaining our daughter, is now going to be all on me..

Auch.. that's going to be really tough, Let me tell you I am not your typical housewife, and I'm def. not born in the 30's.. Im a we divide chores and children 50/50 kind of person.

But because it is very much needed right we'll have to deal with it, will I give up on my business in the meantime? Hell no! Am I freakin tired cause of pregnancy? YES! Are we going to make my business work with our without money, time or support? HELL YES!

No one puts me down that easy. No one should put you down at all!

Let's show them what we got. This is the time to do it and to prove ourselves.


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