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Getting back to business

Business wise

So my cups are getting fired in Israel, my necklaces in Holland, glazing wil be done right after.

Im in a conversation with mkb Mystore to create a new website for me, including a webshop, e-mail and telephones service, huge update there!

I have custom orders going on where I can work on as soon as I can go back to my working erea

And on top of that I have a lot of inspiration and great ideas for a new jewellery line. probably (spoiler alert) for the one year anniversary for AlettaDesign Ceramics.

Everything is moving you would say

Very true, I feel on fire with my business, I am also following different courses such as business courses given by the business momentum syndicate through a Facebook group. And everything else I can get my hands on..

I think I’m secretly hoping that once the business is really back on its feet and thriving higher than it ever did, maybe I won’t feel as such a milk machine for my newborn anymore, and maybe I’ll actually pet myself on the shoulder for working so hard, doing a good job and handling the situation so well.


Yes it seems I’m handling our situation very well, but no, I’m feeling super frustrated that I can’t help my own daughter to drink more than she does, that she is still on tube feedings.

And yes people around me tell me im doing everything I’m supposed to do by being there for her and providing her with breastmilk (dreadful really..)

But it feels im failing anyway, as her mum I should be able to do more than just making a bit of milk. Am I missing something?

Next to that I hope I will feel nice somewhere soon, right now I can’t wear 95% of my clothing in my closet cause I can’t milk myself every 3 hours in most of my clothing, so do I feel beautiful at this moment? Ehm nope.

But nevertheless I took energy and time to do my business anyway, why? Well I could’ve waited untill I feel happy, inspired, energised or whatever again, but that’s just not always how it works.

So instead of using my own inspiration to uplift my business, I’m going to have faith in my business uplifting my mood.

Cross your fingers with me 😊

Do what you have to do untill you can do what you want to do - Thanks Oprah.

Loveeeee xx

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