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This serie is about Growth and movement.

Every triangle that is pushed into the clay is done one by one, 


It was a resemblance for me, as a new habitant of a new country, that I need to take everything step by step, and push by push.

What I saw in people who made the same move as me, is that they already knew words in the new language that I didn’t, which made me feel behind, but in the contrary, I already new words they didn’t..


The pots and bowls that I make have triangles on different heights and spots, mostly to resemble that not every learning curve is going exactly the same with every person. One starts from a to b, the other one is naturally more interested in other aspects, and the rest of it will come later. 


In any way, the triangles should remind ourselves that every journey is different and everything is okay. We should look back and see what we already did, and be content about it.

Sunkissed Patterned Bowl

  • Diameter ø: 20 cm

    Height: 6 cm 


    Clay : White

    Coloring : Yellow , Sunkissed


    Dishwasher Safe

    Oven Safe

    Microwave Safe

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