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I know, I know It's been awhile, mostly I've been struggling with pregancy the last 2 months, including a lot of bedrest, but here's what: I feel amazing right now, much better and full of energy!

And even on bedrest I did not stop working, I just didn't had any new stuff to show you on my social media channels.

So first of all, for anyone who read my previous posts, we did an amniocentesis, the procedure that they take a bit of fluid out of the belly to check the chromosomes of the baby.

This is a tricky procedure cause it can cause early labor, fortunately we stayed good! baby is still inside. Why did we do this test if you have a risk like that? because there was a sincere concern for syndromes. But also that worry I can take away, We got the results and everything is fine with the little munchkin!

Second follow up, was that single umbilical artery could cause either early labor, problems with the heart or the kidneys, well:

Early labor: Nope! I just reached week 38 of pregnancy! perfect!

Heart? Nope! we did an ultrasound and everything looked as it should, perfectly developed. Last: kidneys! so for a long time we couldn't find the second kidney of the baby, but since a couple of days also that stress is relieved, we found the second one! even though its a pelvic one, its a full grown pelvic one!

It's kind of funny, I just told me husband about two weeks ago that I feel a change happening, that we are at the start of things falling into place again instead of challenge after challenge.

With the pregnancy now being healthy, I can finally say I'm going to get a baby! Because for a long time I couldn't say it out loud because I was preparing myself for the possibility to have to say goodbye if anything was severely wrong.

Furthermore even with a probable second lockdown coming up, my husband and I feel positive about our businesses. we handled the first 6 months, so why wouldn't we be able to do the rest? restaurant and shop after shop are closing, we decided it won't be us. we'll stay open.

House situation is not solved yet, but as I said, we are at the beginning of everything falling into place not at the end!

More concentrated on my business:

For a while now I've been aiming to consistently post on my social media channels again, but I couldn't find the guts, why not? Because I know instagram would send all my followers a message like: AlettaDesign haven't posted for awhile, come check out her new post! or something like that, in my head, my post needed to be a perfect comeback, well lets give you a heads up, it won't be perfect but I do have renewed energy to do it consistently which is far more important business wise!

Next to that I was pretty sure, without a cause, that the only ones liking and seeing my posts where my family, and that I was the only one writing and reading my blog. guess what? Thats not true! which left me speechless and it blew my mind, my husband just came back with a letter that was send to our bar, and its the sweetest letter ever, it's exactly the kind of support that I needed and I would love to give to others but now I was on the receiving end!

It's the kind of support we should cherish and give through as much as we can. So, Thank you so much dear stranger, for sending me a letter and showing support and compassion, for giving me extra motivation to show the world where my little business is about! you don't know what I did and still does for me! And I'll definitely going to follow up on some ideas, love them!

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