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Life changing

Waking up in the morning with a baby on my arm, my daughter comes from the bedroom and joins the party, we are watching something on the television until my daughter asks for some breakfast, I would love to get up, but I can't yet, im still feeding my newborn, through tube feeding.

What was a crazy journey, with amniocentesis, hunt for a second kidney and in the end all relieve cause the unborn baby was healthy, then a crazy flight to holland, now we have another rollercoaster of going to the hospital.

Emma our newest family member and me, stayed in the hospital for 9 days. Nothing sincere the doctors say, she is just not drinking enough.

Its shocking however, that once people notice or see the tube going into Emma's nose, she's considered majorly unhealthy.. She is fine, really, we checked all organs and all is good, we'll get there. Nevertheless we need to keep on checking the organs until she does drink, cause there has to be a reason why she isn't drinking..

So there we are, going in and out the hospital in the middle of a pandemic, also In Holland they are thinking about more restrictions. maybe even closing the airport for 4-6 weeks. Which puts my work of my business and the business of my husband a bit in jeopardy.

We'll see. at this moment a lot of things just pass us by. We take care of Emma, we take care of Daniella, My husband started studying and we have each other.

I took care of my business by hiring some people in Israel to finish a task that I already finished for 90%, and I bought some supplies in Holland as well to finish another huge order.

They both need to be shipped as soon as possible as they're both wholesale offers for Christmas time. No time pressure at all.. It would have been fine if we didn't had feedings for Emma taking up 1,5 hour 7 times a day. But I'll manage. I have to.

Obviously everyone has their struggles, and you cannot just quit your job temporarily and catch up later. So I won't do that with my company either. On top of that, if we need the healthcare in holland taking care of Emma instead of the healthcare in Israel (which are both very high quality) I need to be able to provide for this family. Because I'm the dutchmen of the family so without me making that money we are not allowed to move period.

That's a nice kick in the butt to make sure I'll earn monthly the minimum required amount!

Let's see what next week/month will bring our family. for now I have two objectives: Getting my daughter to drink, and make the minimum amount of money with my company before the end of the year.


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