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It Always seems impossible until it's done

Here I am again, struggling with where my priorities are. First I love to give my daughter constant attention, and to learn her all the words, colors, animals, plants and what not.

I also want to achieve my own dreams in growing a successful business, But then again when you have children usually there is also a partner in place with his own set of mind and dreams.

So like in my last blog I talked about your salary you'd like to achieve and what amount of stuff you need to create to get to that number. So last 2 weeks I've been trying to at least make x amount of dollars/euros a day to get to my salary that I'd like!

First, I maybe was able to work 3 or 4 days, not productive at all, BUT those days where at least very productive in creating valuable stuff on themselves.

Second I've been struggling with my mind, BIG time.. I don't make enough money to cover my own costs of the business,, but hey, I only started 2 months, so give yourself some slack.

But also if I can not cover my business costs, I can not even finance food or rent for this family, ouch.. I HATE to be dependent on someone else.. even though we're married I'd like to be equal, yes I'm one of those women..

Third, I've been CRAVING for my own house since I was twelve, I kid you not. I started gathering cups and plates from that age for my own house from markets and such with the little pocket money I had, I also started working from that age, for a good €30 a month! what a joke but at least I know what working means.

So right now our dream house came onto our path, Corona time, No Salary from the last 4 months time, perfect timing! NOT!

Tomorrow we're going to check our options anyway, because we've have turned the odds before and we would work very hard to do that again, I'm nervous and excited at the same time, and even though I know making stuff is not bringing in money directly I would make an all-nighter right now to create some products, so I can sell, and I can contribute to our dream home, please whoever is in charge, Help me on this one! It's time for me to create a home for my family!


Hard working ambitious mom

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