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If you don't start today, what makes you think you'll tomorrow?


Welcome to my first 'blog'.

It seems the perfect way to connect with you guys, even though I'm not sure who I will actually reach.

Let me introduce myself for a second, I'm Aletta, I am a mum of one and one in the making, and I just started to give a big push to upgrade my comp

any that I had for the past 2 years.

One of my teachers at the academy told me that if you don't start your company right away you never will. I'm not sure if he was right, it cost me a lot of headaches cause I started it, emigrated and I was a fresh mum. to find out how to fill in taxes for two years for something that wasn't even making money was a pain in the ass!

But nevertheless, here I am, ready for the next step!

For every other power woman, mum, starter, I hope I can Inspire you a bit that thing ARE possible, and as long as we fight for it we'll get there.

Here I will show you that whoever claims the opposite, is wrong!


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