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Dreams don't work unless you do

Almost weekend!

This was the most unproductive and productive week in one, it started with me losing some faith because the kiln where I fired in got smeared with glaze of mine which was not nice, the whole week I felt a axe hanging over me to finish the cleaning up, or to pay for new shelves.. which honestly, was not really a possibility with the money I have available now.. big stress!

On the other side I had very productive meetings through zoom with other business women and even assigned myself to a short course in the finalcial department! I'm usually the kind of woman who figures everything out herself, so it was very odd to actually let someone in to help, but truth to be told, I want to get this business as fast as possible on the spot it deserves to be, so I can use some experienced advice!

The chat with my financial coach was super productive and got my spirit back completely, even though she's basically a stranger I just met on the internet! I wanted to make a bunch of stuff again and also was thinking of firing this week again, which I was not feeling like at all because of my last firing..

One of the things I've been struggling with as well is to buy my own kiln, so I can set my own firing hours, don't need to drive up and down with super fragile stuff and once something is glazed I can directly put it in, it would be wonderful! but am I ready to do a €1200.- investment already? For sure I'll keep continuing in my business, but what if we move soon? What if it can't be installed at my father-in-law his house?

Basically I need to have my own house first, with a studio and then have the kiln there, but to get there I need to make money with my business, big time, to make money I'll need to fire stuff... you see what's going on here?

Lets see when I'll break out of this circle:) for now let's keep up the good work!


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