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Don't feel failure, fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today

As you know from last week, I had a bit of struggle rearranging our day-to-day live because my husband needs to attend university and attend his business. My biggest disappointment was that I wouldn't get anything done, and given I did not get a lot done, but I worked a couple of evenings late, and I did achieve a bunch of stuff!

I took charge of my organization and collected the administrative work which will be send tonight, edited and calculated everything around the kiln firing of last week, shared listings on Etsy, (there are 14 products online now!) I went over to my father in law and did some chores around the house, finished my necklaces so they'll be ready for shipping, including brand new Thank you notes that go with an order!

Also bought and tried out my brand new Dremel, which was a financial obstacle since it is expensiv.. but I needed it to fix some pieces that came out of the kiln.. so what needs to be done needs to be done! wow, what a dreadful job to do, but we'll do it one by one..

But hey, not only business here, also baked bread, did 5 laundries, changed winter to summer garderobe, deep-cleaned our dining chairs and had a much needed meet up with 3 very dear friends!

and to top it all of with the mum part, why daughter just went to the potty 3 times today! After weeeeeks of holding it in for 10 hours a day cause she didn't wanted to sit on (any kind of) a potty! (I did not know what to do about that.. apparently have patience and wait till they're ready is the answer..!) whoop whoop!

Glad all of this isolation time is over, can't wait to have a day at the beach soon! And honestly, I did get stuff done this week, even though I was basically the whole day with child and pregnant and a huge to do list. If I can do it, why couldn't you?!

So one of the first things that helped me through this week, is to make a to do list in the evening or morning before the day really starts. Obviously, some of the chores moved from Monday unfinished, to Tuesday unfinished etc. Don't be too

hard on yourself, just get most of your list done and by content about that, not unhappy about the things you still have to do, they'll be finished too.. soon..!


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