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As an Entrepreneur, you make things happen

So like I told you last time our dream house came on our path, I am a big believer of meant to be things, and this really feels like a meant to be thing! But I also know that everytime there was something huge like this, the harder I fought on every platform the more likely it is that these things come together. So lets fight on the platform AlettaDesign.

So here I am this week, working out wholesale offers!

Through Etsy I got an offer to do a wholesale package. What a great news! and such a compliment! Obviously I am thrilled and with my head in the clouds by the fact that someone is considering me for this in the first place, after opening only 2 months!


But then.. I have to run the numbers.. I need to figure out where to get boxes, and that they look professional, and that the store will give me the same price everytime so I can provide my client with a steady price.

And then it needs to travel overseas, so for sure my ceramics need some good protection wrapping, but I am this person that likes to be environmental where possible, so not plastic bubblewrap for me if it is not needed, figuring that out where to get boxes and wrapping, such a 2-second thing is a HUGE struggle in a country that you do not master the language in.. believe me I am searching for a couple of weeks already and I'm not figuring it out, so frustrating!!

  • box

  • wrapping (environmental, so cardboard)

  • labels (for adres)

  • packaging tape (again environmental, so paper packaging tape)


Next to packaging there is shipping, which different companies can ship from my location to the clients location? what are the shipping times and how much will it cost. So in my case there are only two companies I can work with, one delivers in 3 days, the other one in 3 weeks (guessing on experience, not because they provide this info at all on their website..) Ah well, if something wouldn't be a struggle it would be strange.. The difference in pricing is also big, a 22 dollar difference!

Cost per product

Last but not least, what are the exact exact exact costs of making my product? usually I make a couple and combine them with other products and then fire it in a kiln, but now I need to calculate in 'what if' scenarios to see: What if the whole kiln would be filled with this single product? what would be the costs of the firing divided over all the cups that fit. Well to know that I need to figure out how many of this product will fit in 1 kiln.

Everything combined is only the price of the cost. without any profit. So to wrap it up, what do you need to know for your wholesale offer?

  • Packaging ( wrapping, boxes, labels, tape)

  • Shipping (check out different companies and check your best amount of kg to send)

  • Cost per product ( take in consideration electricity cost, material cost, paints, added materials etc.)

  • Time ( You do not work for free! So you need to add some dollars to make this deal valuable for you as well.)

Let me know if you can use some help or insight in your wholesale offer! Happy to help!


Curious about which product this is about? Check out the following link!

Use the following link for 10% discount on your second product in my Shop:)

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