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Very warm welcome to my passion!


which woman does not have 1 piece of jewellery, seriously I Do not know ANY. 

So obviously, being a woman, a promoter of women and supporter of womens growth it cannot be without some real nice pieces of jewellery.

I like to stay down to earth, and this series is just that.

Right now it consists of 4 different types in many colors, there are already 2 other design in the making and also working on some nice earpieces and accessories to come with to complete the set.

All is handmade.

The 6 pointed necklace as you see here on the left is based on the hexagon. a hexagon is about the balance between man and woman, It stands for love and harmony. But also for equality, perfection and reliability.

What more can I ask for to grant you as a special piece of jewelry around you neck? A hexagon is the strongest shape known.  Let it embrace and empower you. 

My other bestseller is the flower necklace. in 1917 came: 'say it with flowers' and he couldn't have it said better.


That flowers tell a story we know, you know that roses are associated with passion and love, but the flower on itself is a beautiful thing to begin with. 

It's strong, fertile, blooming on their own. Just as we should everyday!


Thats why I loved adding these to the collection and remind ourselves to enjoy, keep our back straight en bloom! We are here now, and we only have now, so lets just make the most of it, with this small reminder around your neck!

Growth and Development series

Every triangle that is pushed into the clay is done one by one, 

It was a resemblance for me, as a new habitant of a new country, that I need to take everything step by step, and push by push.
What I saw in people who made the same move as me, is that they already knew words in the new language that I didn’t, which made me feel behind, but in the contrary, I already new words they didn’t..

The pots and bowls that I make have triangles on different heights and spots, mostly to resemble that not every learning curve is going exactly the same with every person. One starts from a to b, the other one is naturally more interested in P & O, and the A & B will come later. 

In any way, the triangles should remind ourselves that every journey is different and everything is okay. We should look back and see what we already did, and be content about it.

growth pot website.png
Birthplates website.png
Handdrawn Personal Plates

I just love creating for people, to see the smile on their face or to see the excitement or surprise when they first hold their pieces!

And what is better than a piece that is especially handcrafted for you, designed to be a memory for ever.

I decided to assemble two types of memories. what most people think of once in a lifetime events: Marriage & Birth. 

Next to that I also crafted beautiful oneline drawing series about animals, women silhouettes and flowers. 

See a glimpse of those here: 

Woman behind the company


Aletta is the founder of AlettaDesign. She is an graduated allround designer,  Female entrepeneur, Mom and Business owner.

She is 26 years old and studied at the University of Arts Utrecht (HKU) and Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem.

Her goal is to motivate and intrigue other women to follow up on their dreams, no matter their age or situation in life.

She feels there are no excuses not to follow your own path, she came from a place as well where everything is selfbuild. Waitressing two jobs, studying, taking care of a newborn and live independently all at the age of 23.  She knows the struggles of life and always knew how to tie her ends together. Financial planning, thinking out business strategy's, being a feminist at heart.

She knows what it takes to lift up her company to the next level and she is not afraid to guide you on your path as well. 

Contact me!