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The pots and bowls that I make have triangles on different heights and spots.


mostly to resemble that not every learning curve is going exactly the same with every person.


every triangle is done one by one, 

It was a resemblance for me, as a new habitant of a new country, that all things go step by step, and push by push.

Growth & Development serie

Woman behind the company


Aletta is the founder of AlettaDesign. She is an graduated allround designer,  Female entrepeneur, Mom and Business owner.

She is 26 years old and studied at the University of Arts Utrecht (HKU) and Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem.

Her goal is to motivate and intrigue other women to follow up on their dreams, no matter their age or situation in life.

She feels there are no excuses not to follow your own path, she came from a place as well where everything is selfbuild. Waitressing two jobs, studying, taking care of a newborn and live independently all at the age of 23.  She knows the struggles of life and always knew how to tie her ends together. Financial planning, thinking out business strategy's, being a feminist at heart.

She knows what it takes to lift up her company to the next level and she is not afraid to guide you on your path as well. 

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